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Blumenthal Issues Warning Against Illegal Fireworks
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HARTFORD -- State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he has written a letter to major fireworks producers to stay out of Connecticut.

"We are today, warning them that, in no uncertain terms, we will hold them accountable for any violations of our fireworks laws over this holiday," said Blumenthal.

State Police Lieutenant Paul Vance added fireworks laws are in place for a reason.

"We see all too often and we have seen, where something as simple as a brush fire starts, we've seen structure fires, young people have been injured, and it's extremely important that people in the state of Connecticut recognize the fact that sparklers are the only thing that's legal in the state of Connecticut," said Vance.

Sparklers are thin wood or wire sticks coated with a pyrotechnic that gives off sparks when burning. In Connecticut, they are illegal to anyone under the age of 16.

Vance said he strongly encourages people to attend sanctioned fireworks displays in their cities or towns, which, despite the recession, have kept their commitments to the annual celebration.

AJ Smalley, medical director at Hartford Hospital's Emergency Department, said each Fourth of July, people come to his hospital with minor ear and eye injuries from fireworks. But he warned of a more urgent concern during the holiday.

"On this July fourth, I hope not, but we'll probably have a few people die because of drunk driving and we probably won't have anyone hurt from fireworks."



Illegal Use of Fireworks

As America's celebrated holiday roll by I must say I really wish the illegal use of fireworks would STOP except for public displays operated by license pyrotechnics.

I am a homeowner and taxpayer.  I have two dogs in my home.  Each year I am held HOSTAGE to my home to make sure my dogs who total go psycho when fireworks are blown off in the immediate area of  the home do not destroy my window screens.  Each year I find myself replacing two or three screens, I can not control the dogs when they are in seperate rooms.  I can not herd them into the basement for fear of my door being totally scratched up because of their fright to the noise.

My first year in my home, I went to a friends home during the day for a family/friend backyard bbq to celebrate Memorial Day.  Knowing the the neighbor next door had teen age boys already blowing off the illegal works weeks prior to the holiday, as a responsible pet lover I made sure I was home before dark to be with the dogs.  Upon my arrival home, approximately 4:30 p.m. I was disgusted to hear the illegal fireworks already being blown off.....I was ANGERED to see that my dog was almost out the 4season porch window....I was additionally ANGERED to see that many screens in my home were tore up from the dog trying to escape the range of the illegal fireworks.

I have asked neighbors to please wait till dark so I can control my dogs once period of the day only.  One neighbor across from me had friends over constantly day and night, blowing off car trunk loads of illegal fireworks.   I walked across the street, asked politely if the bottle rockets can cease until the evening hours.  They agreed yet as I was 1/2 way up my driveway they commenced to set off these fireworks again.

I contacted the police department who came out about an hour after my call.  While waiting outside for police to arrive I was ridiculed by other neighbors stating "Its memorial day, let them celebrate"  I watched as the criminals ran around my property to pick up all evidence of their illegal fireworks use.  Their mother knowing these boys were heading down the wrong path in life adimently proclaimed her sons' are innocent, that they were blowing off walmart fireworks.  Walmart fireworks do not shoot 50 feet in the air nor to they then explode into a fountain of multicolor sparkles.

That year, just having bought my home all I can afford was packing tape to tape up my damaged screens.  Since then I have spent countless hours, many dollars replacing screen after screen after screen.

Finally, not only are these people practicing being criminals knowingly firing off illegal fireworks, they never have safety measures ready.....all the homes around them are endangered to be caught on fire.  These IDIOTS do not have a garden hose ready, they do not have fire extinguishers by their side. 

I cringe when these holidays come around knowing I'm held hostage to my home, I'm unable to attend family functions outside my home and I know more money and time will be spend repairing screens damaged by my dogs who scare and become agitated adn psycho when these loud bangs come around all summer year after year.


Leave the pyrotechnics to the professionals!




Ban Recreational Boating

We should also ban the use of boats for non-comercial purposes. Every year dozens of people are killed in them, and they serve no useful purpose. Leave boating to the professionals.