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Blumenthal Calls on Governor to Restore Raided Funds
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Connecticut’s attorney general says the state doesn’t have the right to use money that citizens donated for special interest license plates. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says at least a half million dollars has been illegally diverted into the state’s general fund.

Connecticut residents can pay an extra $20 to $45 for special license plates to help support a specific cause, such as wildlife conservation, finding a cure for childhood cancer or even to support the spaying and neutering of pets.  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says at least two of these license plate funds have been illegally raided by the state. Blumenthal has written Governor Rell saying it’s against the law to siphon money into the state budget that citizens donated for a specific purpose.

“We want a full accounting of these special funds. At least $500,000 possibly millions more have been illegally diverted. And we want that money  to go back to benefit causes donors sought to benefit.”

The Governor has directed the Office of Policy and Management to investigate the concerns raised by the Attorney General. OPM Secretary Bob Genaurio points out it was the legislature, not the Governor, that approved the sweeping of the license plate funds earlier this year.