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In Germany, they're already blogging about tomorrow's Where We Live.  We'll be talking to ex-pat bloggers about how they're keeping in touch with the U.S. Presidential election, and we'll find out how our politics are being viewed around the world.  If you're a blogger just finding our site for the first time, leave some comments below on the following questions:

  1. As an “expat blogger” what do you blog about when it comes to the election?
  2. What are people saying about American politics in Germany where you live?
  3. What is the general sense of how Americans are perceived?
  4. What are you hearing from your friends and family stateside?
  5. Do you wish you were in the US during this election season?
  6. How are you keeping up with American politics?

Can't wait to hear from you. 


Great stuff out of our blogger panel today...

...and a ton of calls from foreign ex-pats living in Connecticut.  I especially loved the insight of our Iranian-American listener about the very different outcomes hoped for in Iran between "the people" and "the government."   He suggested the theocrats are pulling hard for McCain....they even like the term "Axis of Evil."  I can't wait until David Frum hears.   Listen to the show here.

Relatives living abroad


My in-laws live in Croatia and are following the US elections by satellite.  Croatia is a fairly new democracy, but everyone seems to be interested and informed about the US democratic process.  When we visited over the summer, it was the hot topic for conversation... Who will I vote for?  Why only 2 political parties? Why do they campaign for so long?  Why isn't Obama crushing McCain; is it because Americans are racist? 

I love a political discussion, but I am filled with anxiety this year.  I feel like it is more than an election of one candidate over another.  For me, it feels like a referendum on the American people... are we as dumb as the world imagines (thanks to Bush & his damage to our image abroad).  Or can we regain our strength & dignity and overcome our selfishness in order to get back to the American ideal.