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"Bad Money" indeed, says Kevin Phillips
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Kevin Phillips & Me in LitchfieldKevin Phillips & Me in Litchfield

Well, he told you so. Kevin Phillips has been railing about the Bush administration and runaway financial policies for years.  A few months back, he talked to us at the Oliver Wolcott Library in Litchfield about his new bookabout the failed U.S. system of capitalism, called “Bad Money.”  

 I’ve been thinking about that conversation an awful lot the last few weeks, through all the bailouts and meltdowns.  Then, I heard him talk to Renee Montagne on Morning Edition today.  The anger, coming from a guy who’s seen so much, and has been inside the room with the titans of business and politics really stuck with me. 

 He got it so right…and I’ll be he wishes he didn’t.