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Authorities Investigate Flood Damage in Middletown
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Further soil tests will be carried out Friday around the Middletown apartment building left teetering on the edge of a 30-foot drop. The complex was endangered by a landslip caused by this week’s rainstorm. WNPR’s Harriet Jones reports.

Some of the 50 or so residents of the two-building complex have been allowed back into their homes today, after structural engineers inspected the site, but authorities remain concerned about the conditions around the collapse area.  The affected building sits several hundred yards from the Coginchaug River, but the mudslide caused by the rains has exposed about a quarter of the foundation Deputy Fire Marshal Robert Kronenburg says the rivers in the town are still very high.

Once the Connecticut River reaches flood stage, it backs up some of the other rivers that feed into the Connecticut River, such as the Coginchaug and the Sebeth. If one of those rivers comes up a little higher, we could start undermining the ground area there again as well.

In Stonington, authorities are still trying to assess the stability of the Pawcatuck River Bridge, and an apartment block adjacent to the bridge. Several other roads in the town, including a section of Route 1 remain closed.

For WNPR, I'm Harriet Jones.