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Attorneys, Federal Agencies View Middletown Explosion Evidence
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Attorneys for the victims of the explosion at the Kleen Energy power plant site in Middletown spent most of the day yesterday looking at evidence from the blast. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board, OSHA and representatives from O&G Industries were also present.

Robert Reardon represents three men who were injured during the gas explosion. Hatcher Norris represents the estate of one of the workers who died after the incident. The attorneys are considering whether to bring a case against whoever is responsible for the explosion. Reardon said he and Norris, three of their experts and one professional photographer had a chance to photograph, video tape and just look at more than 100 pieces of evidence, including a large ground heater.

“We were permitted to climb ladders and examine it from above and underneath,  but without touching it.  And our experts were allowed to analyze by simple observation, but without touching.”

Reardon says the Middlesex State’s Attorney Timothy Liston requested that none of the photographs of the evidence be released to the public. Liston is considering whether to bring a criminal case. A spokesman for the U.S. Chemical Safety Board says it’s seeking additional, unfettered access to the evidence. The victim’s attorneys would like to visit the explosion site one more time this week, before the damaged buildings are demolished.