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Anger over the "bailout"
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Anyone listening to tonight's repeat of our show with Bill Curry might feel a little behind.  Only hours after we got off the air, the House voted down the big economic bailout plan we spent all morning talking about.  Everyone in the Connecticut delegation voted for the package - save for 2nd District Congressman Joe Courtney, who turned it down.  Maybe he was getting letters from his constituents like this comment we got from listener Paul Nizick after the show:

"Please, stop saying that the people "do not understand" this bailout. We understand it and know it for what it is: A TRAINWRECK. A combination of cronyism, graft, and incompetence sold to us with fear under the auspices of PANIC. We are ALL a little tired of THAT pitch by now.

WE do not want it, and if our congress votes for it, we will come at them with torches and pitchforks. If there was ANYTHING that could actually bridge the huge partisan divide in the country, it is this issue...there will be BIPARTISAN TAR AND FEATHERING if this bailout occurs.

I personally PUBLICLY PLEDGE that I will run for a federal position in my district against ANY INCUMBENT of EITHER PARTY that votes for this bailout."

The caps are his.  Fair point.  Maybe what I should say is "I don't get it myself."  As for Paul, and those who agree with him, I'm pretty sure that's why the thing didn't get passed.  Hey, look at CNN as the Dow drops....