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Anti-War Groups Plan to Rally on 5th Anniversary of Iraq War
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Tuesday marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the U.S.-led war in Iraq . Connecticut residents opposed to the war will mark the day with protests across the state.

Anti-war groups in Connecticut will host a series of events to highlight both the human and economic costs of the Iraq war.  

John Murphy is on the steering committee for Connecticut Opposes the War, a coalition of labor and neighborhood peace groups. They're organizing a protest outside of Senator Lieberman's office in  Hartford.  Murphy says that  Connecticut's U.S. congressional leaders: Larson, DeLauro, Murphy and Courtney have consistently voted to end the war since the last congressional session began.

“So we have two problems in our state.  The one is Senator Joe Lieberman and the other is Congressman Chris Shays, so we are taking our message directly to them about ending the war.  And they are both supporters of John McCain for president who has said that if we need to stay in Iraq for a hundred years, we will, and it’s clearly the wrong message to send to the world and it’s definitely the wrong priority for our country.”

Representatives from Senator Lieberman's and Congressman Shays' office were unavailable for comment.

This year’s anti-war events  have shifted from large demonstrations to local and community-based gatherings.   Center church in Hartford will hold a noon interfaith prayer service led by Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist leaders.  Peace activists will host a vigil outside the Greenwich Post Office.