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American Cancer Society Study Focuses on Cancer Prevention
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The American Cancer Society is launching a new cancer study to learn more about prevention.

The American Cancer Society, or ACS, is looking for people ages 30-65 to participate in a long term study.  

Sarah Shafir is the Connecticut Vice President of Cancer Control with ACS. Shafir says the organization is looking to enroll half a million people who have never been diagnosed with Cancer.

The study will follow participants over fifteen to twenty years.  

Shafir says their health behaviors, lifestyle, environment, and other genetic factors will be monitored to determine their chances of developing cancer.

"More than five hundred and sixty five thousand Americans will die of Cancer this year, and right here in Connecticut, seven thousand residents alone will loose to this disease. In fact, cancer continues to kill more people every year in America, than every war in the twentieth century combined.

ACS's first study was conducted between 1959 and 1972 and led to the discovery that smoking caused cancer.

The Cancer Society estimates the study will cost more than $30 million DOLLARS to recruit and enroll participants.

The study is supported by private donors, the Cancer Society's research program, and funds raised by organizations such as Relay for Life.