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This Week! December 9 to 13, 2013

December 9, 2013 - 2:26pm

MONDAY: Live from CT at Work
We’re broadcasting live from Wesleyan University – where The Connecticut Humanities Council is kicking off a day-long look at past present and future of work life in Connecticut – we’ll be joined by Congressman Joe Courtney, former Congressman Rob Simmons, Kip Bergstrom of the DECD and Dan Haar of the Hartford Courant.  Our topic – what can government do to create jobs?

TUESDAY: DOT Commissioner
Metro North derailments, CT Fastrak progress, transit oriented development, the safety of our bridges and roads, I-84 viaduct… we never tire of talking transit. Today we’ll sit down with DOT commissioner James Redeker to talk about all these topics and about how the state is preparing for snow and ice this winter. And of course, he’ll take your calls.

WEDNESDAY: The Wheelhouse
Our weekly news roundtable tackles the latest.

THURSDAY: Place-Making, Live from Trumbull Street
It’s our monthly broadcast, live from our iConnect downtown storefront. We’ll be kicking off an evening of pop-up shopping, the Small Business Night Out.    Today we’ll preview a community conversation looking at how we are shaped by our surroundings. Artist Lourdes Correa-Carlo will talk about her Real Art Ways exhibit Systemic Relation, depicting architectural features found in Hartford neighborhoods.  We’ll also talk about the progress of CreateHereNow, a placemaking initiative happening in twenty communities around the state.

FRIDAY: A Year in Gun Violence.
Since the Newtown shootings last December 14th, America has had a long, and very heated, conversation about guns and violence. But lost in the aftermath of this and other mass shootings are two realities: The gun debate we just had has little to do with the reality of gun violence in America. Handguns are used in suicide and family violence far more than mass murders – and in urban areas there’s a daily drumbeat of gun-related crime that never grabs the headlines. Join us for a conversation that uses hard numbers and personal stories to talk about guns in America.

SATURDAY: Newtown: One Year Later
 Join WNPR for special coverage from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. on the one-year anniversary of the Newtown shootings. John Dankosky and Colin McEnroe host a three-hour call-in show with guests and reflections starting at 9. We’ll pause for the statewide ringing of the bells at 9:30 a.m.  At 1 p.m. join Ray Hardman for a special broadcast of music we’ve gathered and recorded in memoriam of the day.


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This Week! December 2 to 6, 2013

December 2, 2013 - 12:31pm

MONDAY: What Typography Tells Us About Ourselves (rebroadcast)
Unless you’re a designer, you might not think about fonts very much. You might have to if you’re stuck doing a company newsletter. But if you stop and really look around you, typography of all kinds surrounds us every day. It creates a visual fabric for our lives and language. On today’s show, we continue a mini series on design with a conversation about typography. What’s the role of fonts in your life? Do you have a favorite one for different purposes? Have you ever thought about what goes into the creation of a typeface? Designers join us in studio to talk about this, including Alexander Isley with us in Hartford, and Nikki Villagomez, who joins us from Cleveland.

TUESDAY: Suburban Corporate Wastelands
173 Acres of office space in Simsbury is up for sale, formerly The Hartford, now what? It’s not a new story. We’ve been following the demise of the former Pfizer research park in Groton, which is now being torn down. The town of Ridgefield bought the former Schlumberger-Doll Research center, which sat vacant for five years. Today we talk about these corporate graveyards with Courant reporter Ken Gosselin. He’s been tracking these properties, and how towns are dealing with the loss of jobs and tax dollars. Some are finding creative uses for these spaces.

 WEDNESDAY: The Wheelhouse with Chris Murphy
Senator Chris Murphy just got back from Europe – talking to allies about US spying abroad and counter-terrorism efforts. He’s also been outspoken about the role of the media in covering the Obamacare rollout. In fact, he’s got so much to talk about, we’re bringing him into the Wheelhouse with Colin McEnroe. Join us for a free-wheeling conversation – and ask your questions of Senator Murphy.

THURSDAY:  Ainissa Ramirez and the Science Behind America’s Game (rebroadcast)
We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the epidemic of injury in the game of football - concussions and traumatic brain injuries… but have you ever asked yourself why football helmets are designed the way they are? And how better helmet design might actually have made the game more dangerous? And while you’re at it, have you considered “the divine randomness of prolate spheroid?” That’s science talk for the unlikely evolution for the shape of the football.   This hour, we tackle the game, and the science behind it, with science evangelist Dr. Ainissa Ramirez. She has a new book out called Newton’s Football: The Science Behind America’s Game.  And we’ll look ahead to the Winter Olympics. We’ll talk to an Ithaca College professor who looks into the biomechanics of figure skating.

FRIDAY: Violent Mae
The Connecticut duo Violent Mae was not an intentional musical partnership. Floyd Kellogg started off as Becky Kessler’s producer on her solo album, and he joined her on the other side of the mic. They were voted the Best New Band at 2013 Connecticut Music Awards and they just released their debut, self-titled album. Coming up, Violent Mae joins us in-studio to talk and play some music. You can join the conversation and learn how to get a copy of the album through WNPR, on Where We Live.



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This Week! November 25 to 29, 2013

November 25, 2013 - 5:12pm

Last year, the Dixie Square Mall in Harvey, Illinois was demolished. You probably never went there, but Jake and Elwood Blues did. That mall was the setting for the famous Blues Brothers car chase – it’s been closed since before the movie was released and the building was demolished last year. Today, Where We Live, The Atlantic’s Emily Badger wonders whether on its 60th birthday, is the mall heading for an early retirement? We’ll also check-in with an economist about the state of malls in 2013. And we’ll be joined by a local photographer who’s been documenting this decline. We’ll also listen back to a radio piece by Jonathan Mitchell that’s a soundscape of his hometown mall – but could be any mall in America. Were you a mall-rat growing up? How have you seen them change?  Do you still go to the mall in the Amazon-era of shopping?

TUESDAY: Small Business: The Big Connect
We’ll listen back to last week’s Small Business After Hours, and what’s a bigger, broader topic than “technology?” Tiny firms that used to have to hire outside help are able to get that help with one click on an app. Technology is helping businesses share and work together in ways they couldn’t just a few years ago.  So those are some of the ideas we’ll be trying to get at in a show we’re calling – “Small Biz, Big Tech!”

WEDNESDAY: Wheelhouse  
This week in politics.

THURSDAY: Happy Thanksgiving!
Special Programming

FRIDAY: Special Programming.

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