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ACLU Raises Issues With Hartford's Emergency Curfew
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A day after Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez announced a teen curfew to help curb summer violence the ACLU is criticizing the decision.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut may challenge Hartford's plans to enforce a 30 day emergency curfew

ACLU staff attorney, David McGuire says the curfew is unconstitutional because it would penalize all youth regardless if they're breaking the law or posing a threat.

McGuire says studies show curfews don't work

"In particular the Justice Policy Institute found that curfews are ineffective and the reason for that is police have to use a lot of resources to enforce the curfew rather than investigating crimes.  And in general, juvenile crimes peak between 2 and 6 pm which are not curfew hours. So I think those are important things for the public to look at when evaluating whether this will be an effective way to curb violence."

Starting Thursday, Hartford's curfew would restrict anyone under 18 from being on the street after 9 pm unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Violators would be picked up by police and taken to a community center where they'd be released to a parent or guardian.

McGuire says the ACLU will most likely decide this week whether to challenge the curfew in court.

Hartford Spokeswoman Sarah Barr says the Mayor believes the curfew is constitutional and it can be used in extreme circumstances to keep city residents safe.


Hartford Juvenile Curfew

I find it quite amusing that the ACLU has nothing better to do than COMLPAIN about a curfew! I don't believe it has to do with the kids 18 and under doing something wrong but it's more about KEEPING them safe! Chances of them getting into trouble or killed at home are, I would imagine, a great deal slimmer than if they were allowed to roam the streets at the hours the curfew is enforced. Good Luck to Hartford! May you find a way to keep your children safe without someone wanting to take your Mayor to court over it!!!!