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Jan 6, 2010 at 4:12pm 
I tried to start this new "eating pattern" right before the holidays. That was a mistake, because during the holidays people sneak into your bedroom at night and put cookies in your mouth and manipulate your jaws to make you chew them in your sleep. On Thursday's show Emily Brooks and Linda Piotrowicz will try to get me back on track again. Emily's philosophy goes something like this: "I don't want to buy anything, sell anything or process anything. I don't want to buy anything sold, bought or processed, sell anything bought, sold or processed or process anything sold bought or processed as a career." No, wait. That was John Cusack as Lloyd in "Say Anything." Emily says: don't eat anything processed. Make your food from whole, real ingredients. Get those ingredients from local sources as often as possible. If you do that, you can eat whatever you want ...and lots of it.  

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Posted: Jan 6, 2010 at 5:04pm 

On our Thursday Jan. 7, Emily Brooks and Linda Piotrowicz will say harsh things to me about my diet and exercise.

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Prep Time: 30 min

This dish is named after Where We Live producer Catie Talarski who's trying to learn, in 2010, to make single-portion meals for herself. During the holidays, the Connecticut winter markets shut down, which means I don't have, in my pantry, the kind of locally grown ingredients I usually use. On Sunday night, I sauteed some ground pork, broccoli, celery root, garlic, turnip, black beans and scallion and then added chopped tomatoes and spices, especially gomasio. I simmered it all together until the celery root and turnip were al dente. I cooked a batch of quinoa. I divided the stew into small portions served over the quinoa. I had one batch for dinner, and the rest have been coming to work with me in glass bowls with plastic lids.

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