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Further Proof of End Times  - 12/15/14
Not necessarily healthy goth, via Wikimedia commons #healthgoth.... read more
Wild Donkey Sanctuary  - 12/15/14
Chris Donovan joins Don Williams at the CEA.... read more
POTY Running totals  - 12/13/14
You’re probably dying to know how the voting is going for Person of The Year.  I’m not counting votes in the comment thread or even votes on my FB page.  Only actual emails sent to [email protected] Here’s how things look, circa 2 p.m. on S... read more
Did Schiff Get Shafted?  - 12/13/14
Peter Schiff was unhappy to be nominated for Person of the Year and to have the story of his Daily Show appearance revived. He might have a point. Here’s his email to me in full: Chion Wolf WNPR photo Hi Colin, I guess you do not know this... read more
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These are just some of the interesting people we've had on our show...
Patrick Comins, Audubon Connecticut
Dr. Daniel McNally, University of Connecticut
Will Friedwald, New York Sun
Dr. Stephen Asma, Columbia College
Ravi Shankar, Central Connecticut State University
Sebastian Giuliano, Town of Middletown
Lara Herscovitch, Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance
Susan Bysiewicz, State of Connecticut
Peter A. Rosazza, D.D., Archdiocese of Hartford
Bryant Harrell, Goodwin College
Dr. Jonathan Elukin, Trinity College