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John Dankosky with a friendly reminder to find us at our new address, WNPR.org.
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Please find us at our new address.
Broadcast on: 09/18/2013

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En Garde!  - 10/16/14
The road to the governor’s mansion always leads through the Garde Arts Center in New London. It’s always the rowdiest debate crowd. It can be exceptional in other ways. Tonight’s debate was the first to include third party guy Joe Visconti,... read more
Notes for the Nose, Week of of Oct. 17  - 10/16/14
Our Friday show, the Nose is coming near. Anti-football fella Steve Almond will join the panel for the first time, along with veterans Tracy Wu Fastenberg and James Hanley. What will we talk about? Steve just came out against high school fo... read more
Thank You, Mr. Bruni  - 10/15/14
Somebody needed to say this.  We are way too scared of ebola, and blithely indifferent to most other things. Spend some time with (the topic of) antibiotic-resistant bacteria.... read more
The Mystery of Giving  - 10/15/14
I read this, and I think: $8 milllion for UConn soccer? Really.  Please tell me you’re also giving four million to Doctors Without Borders. Lots of people will actually go on living, instead of dying. Of course, you can’t say that. Genero... read more

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Please find us at our new address.
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These are just some of the interesting people we've had on our show...
Gail Collins, New York Times
Sam Hatch, WWUH
Matt Lolli, Ghostship
Rita Anderson, Diminishing Dimensions
Lowell Weicker, State of Connecticut
Wendell Potter, Center for Media and Democracy
Gaye Tuchman, University of Connecticut
Michael Wilson, Hartford Stage
Sebastian Giuliano, Town of Middletown
Michael Gladis, AMC, Mad Men
Greg Garcia, The Libertine Collective